David Quintana’s professional history spans nearly two decades in and around the State Capitol. Mr. Quintana provides clients with strategy development, policy analysis, relationship-building, campaign consulting, and unapparelled direct lobbying services.  Quintana’s reach extends into numerous sectors, including high-tech/social media, finance, energy, education, health and business districts and gaming.

After serving in the United States Air Force for a decade, Mr. Quintana then graduated from the University of California, Davis and the Boston College School of Law. He has the unique ability to combine his political connections with policy knowledge. This is why whenever there is a big fight brewing in the political arena, David Quintana is brought in to generate results.

Mr.Quintana launched his famous Back to Session Bash 15 years ago and it has since become the “Must Attend” event of each year since. The event has grown from a modest gathering for Capitol staffers to a star-studded blowout drawing in thousands of guests with lines to get in around the building. With each Bash it has hosted an array of Celebrity performances, from Coolio in 2015, to Lil Jon in 2020. Lets just say Mr. Quintana knows how to throw a party.

Mr. Quintana has been a regular guest on major media and paper outlets. In 2019, for the ninth time in 10 years, Capitol Weekly named Mr. Quintana one of the Capitol’s Top 100 “Power Players” in their annual list. In December of 2016 he was also featured in Sacramento Magazine as one of the key power players in state politics. 

WTF History – Caesar’s Most Gangster Feat & the Snail That Created An Empire

Today Q and Mike discuss two WTFs of Rome and Carthage. Mike details Julius Caesar’s EPIC and almost unbelievable feats from the Battle of Alesia. Q discussed how control of an unassuming snail made the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians into an empire that dominated the Mediterranean.

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WTF History – Streaming Was 1 Vote Away From Being Banned & Common Tech Device Named After a Viking

Today the guys discuss WTF moments in the history of technology. Mike discusses how in 1984, the VCR (and the DVD, DVRs, and streaming) came within one vote of being banned. David discusses how tech firms worked a fascinating compromise to name Bluetooth after a Scandinavian king who was murdered while relieving himself.

WTF History – Iconic Bass Line That No One Played Vs. Banned Christmas Classic

In this episode of WTF History, Mike and David venture into two oddities of music history.

WTF History – The Gonzo Life of Martin Van Buren & The Oh So Fertile Life of John Tyler…

Join Q and Mike as they talk about the incredible lives of two U.S Presidents. Our 8th President Martin Van Buren’s post-presidential life was anything but a quiet one, while our 10th President John Tyler has a surviving grandchild in 2024!

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