David Quintana’s professional history spans nearly two decades in and around the State Capitol. Mr. Quintana provides clients with strategy development, policy analysis, relationship-building, campaign consulting, and unapparelled direct lobbying services.  Quintana’s reach extends into numerous sectors, including high-tech/social media, finance, energy, education, health and business districts and gaming.

After serving in the United States Air Force for a decade, Mr. Quintana then graduated from the University of California, Davis and the Boston College School of Law. He has the unique ability to combine his political connections with policy knowledge. This is why whenever there is a big fight brewing in the political arena, David Quintana is brought in to generate results.

Mr.Quintana launched his famous Back to Session Bash 15 years ago and it has since become the “Must Attend” event of each year since. The event has grown from a modest gathering for Capitol staffers to a star-studded blowout drawing in thousands of guests with lines to get in around the building. With each Bash it has hosted an array of Celebrity performances, from Coolio in 2015, to Lil Jon in 2020. Lets just say Mr. Quintana knows how to throw a party.

Mr. Quintana has been a regular guest on major media and paper outlets. In 2019, for the ninth time in 10 years, Capitol Weekly named Mr. Quintana one of the Capitol’s Top 100 “Power Players” in their annual list. In December of 2016 he was also featured in Sacramento Magazine as one of the key power players in state politics. 

Juan Corona: The Machete Murderer w/ Det. John Cabrera

Our audience’s favorite guest, Detective John Cabrera, returns to the Quintana Show! Today we cover another forgotten serial killer: Juan Corona. In 1971, a year that saw Patty Hearst, the Charles Manson trials, and the Zodiac Killer, the deadliest killer in US history was in the sleepy river burg of Marysville California. Juan Corona killed at least 25 down-on-their-luck drifters in the course of a couple of months before being caught. But this forgotten story is more complicated than it seems, with multiple trials, a mysterious brother, cries of racism, and a defense attorney more interested in a book deal than his client, it’s a case for the ages. But after sifting through the plethora of evidence – even a retired homicide detective thinks the case is a little weak.

The Hit Everyone Hates! “We Built This City” by Starship

The year was 1985, Reagan and Gorbachev met for the first time, Doc Gooden won his only Cy Young award, NBC’s the Cosby Show was the most popular TV show and on November 16th, THE WORST ROCK SONG EVER hit Number 1 in America! We Built This City by Starship (not Jefferson Starship) rocked up the charts on the backs of nostalgia, great production and brilliant management but 20 years later is considered one of the worst songs to top the charts. Does it deserve such shade??  Listen in and we’ll give you our opinions!

True Grift The Con of Anna de Rothschild with Michael Sallah

Anna de Rothchild was a wealthy heiress to the European banking dynasty and real estate developer networking with other high society folks at Mar-a-Lago. She played rounds of golf, took photos, and hobnobbed with the cream of the American political elite. But, turns out, she was a complete fraud bc and simultaneously running from the Russian mob! Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Sallah joins us to explain how a two-bit con artist from the Midwest, on the run from Russian gangsters, ended up being the bell of the ball at the “Winter White House.”

He Got Lucky: “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Taco

It’s September of 1983: Martina Navratilova wins her first Wimbledon, The Big Chill was king of the box office, Vanessa Williams is the first black Miss America, and the #4 song in America is… Puttin’ on the Ritz by Taco?? How and why did this song from the 1920s regain popularity in the 80s and should it have been such a huge hit? Tim and Q break down the interesting Dutch-Indonesian performer behind the song, the Dutch-Indonesian rock scene that he rose from, and the power behind MTV music video selections during that period, and, for the first time, they both agree: it should NOT have been a hit!

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