Amway: In the world of multi-level marketing (MLM) one player stands head and shoulders above all others – Amway. In the 1950’s the founders created what they called “The Plan” – the product wasn’t the focus – the focus was the distributor – and it was brilliant. “The Plan” raked in billions for the company and they adopted a sophisticated game-plan by immersing themselves in “Americana” branding and becoming a major political donor. In the world of MLMs, they are the ones you overlook, because they choose to hide in plain sight, with stadium naming deals and members of Presidential cabinets. They are the cult next door. Author of “Ponzinomics,” Robert FitzPatrick is the leading expert on the history of MLM and he’ll share the origin story of Amway and “The Plan” they created that all the MLMs now follow. He’ll explain why it’s literally impossible to make a profit unless you’re in on the scam at the start, and why when you really look into the structure one thing becomes clear: MLMs are cults.


September 26, 2023

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