He was a genius who straddled musical genres, broke barriers, and stole the show at the greatest musical event ever: Woodstock. Sylvester Stewart, better known as “Sly Stone,” was the songwriter, arranger, producer, singer, and virtuoso on any instrument in the studio for his hand-picked group, The Family Stone. Sly shot across the musical horizon like the brightest of comets. He was omnipresent on America’s cultural pages for 5 years, producing legendary music and songs that are STILL a mainstay on playlists. 3 #1 songs in 3 years; then he disappeared. What happened to Sly Stone?

For 40 years he’s been out of the public eye, a complete recluse – spoken about in hushed tones, but rarely if ever seen. Michael Rubenstone is an actor and filmmaker who conceived and created a brilliant documentary, On the Sly: The Search for the Family Stone, to achieve one goal: FIND SLY STONE. It was a multi-year ride, but what a damn ride it was!! Watch and listen as Michael Rubenstone details the years and travails spent searching for a vanished icon: Sly Stone. Check out more of the film at http://ontheslymovie.com/

September 26, 2023

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