Human monsters do exist. We talk about Charles Manson or Golden State Killer but Gerald and Charlene Gallegos were monsters that we think only exist in fiction. Today Ret. Sacramento Detective John Cabrera returns to talk about the one killer that made him physically sick. Gerald and Charlene Gallegos had at least 10 victims that were kidnapped, tortured, and assaulted before being brutally murdered. Gerald, a hardened criminal and son of a murderer and Charlene, the cute girl-next-door from an upper middle-class family. When these two met, they became a couple that could only have been made in hell. A couple that for two years had Northern California paralyzed with fear as young girls were abducted from the local shopping malls John takes us into the backstory of the killers and their victims, step by step of the timeline and how dedicated detectives before today’s technological advances built a case and caught these sociopaths.



May 29, 2024

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