CA’s biggest cities are losing major retail, streets are packed with tents for the homeless, large retailers will not enforce theft crimes and small retailers have given up on operating all over – how did we get here!? Mike and Q discuss how Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhood and School Act, was anything but safe for California as it drastically lessened penalties for many crimes like shoplifting which created a cavalcade of lawlessness through CA. Along with other changes pushed by former Governor Jerry Brown, California is now a drastically more dangerous and crime-filled place.

Welcome to “CUTTING THROUGH” another series from from the “Quintana Show Network”. 20 year political lobbyist Q and the always entertaining and insightful former CA legislator Mike Gatto cut through the noise and nonsense of politics and current events to give you their honest takes on what’s really going down. They’ll anger some because they don’t pull any punches – they just cut through the noise

Jun 23, 2024

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