Welcome to the first episode of a “ lobbyist and a politician discuss” with former Assemblymember Mike Gatto. Today’ topic is how Hollywood gets politics and lobbying so very wrong. From the foolishness of grandiloquent speeches, to the lack of gurus with secret political knowhow, the complete lack of quid pro quos, and how one speech of a down ballot politician can change the world. Q and Mike tackle the best and worst that film and TV have to offer. Pay attention for a great story of how a bill on cosmetic testing on beagle ears got killed by drunken stupidity and another about Chuck Calderon’s impassioned speech and the results.

January 31, 2023

Welcome to the Quintana Show. Q has spent years in the political world so he knows how to ask questions. Listen as we bring you entertaining and insightful interviews from guests across the sports, music, entertainment, and news world. And we didn’t forget you either true crime fans! Listen and subscribe!

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