Politicalish is happy to welcome Lyrics Born to the podcast. He and Q discuss what got him into hip hop and how he was able to build a career on an independent label. They also discuss how important radio stations used to be for success, how they went from being an absolute power to a piece of the puzzle. They finish part 1 talking about the changing nature of the music business, how the last ten years have been a whirlwind for artists trying to navigate changing technology and the internet caused a democratization of music. There’s also discussions of Lenny White’s Peanut Butter, Sly Stallone, and why Steve Jobs died with all Lyrics Born’s money!

May 29, 2024

Welcome to the Quintana Show. Q has spent years in the political world so he knows how to ask questions. Listen as we bring you entertaining and insightful interviews from guests across the sports, music, entertainment, and news world. And we didn’t forget you either true crime fans! Listen and subscribe!

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