Welcome to Part 2 with Lyrics Born. The conversation continues about the way changing technology and the internet caused a democratization of music. Then he tells Q why artists can’t just make music but need a team and a brand just to survive and why he wants to get back to making music with other artists in the studio. They switch to COVID: how it’s shut down the entire entertainment sector and why the closing of the festival circuit hurts musicians. Finally they discuss being Asian American in the entertainment game, the advances that have been made and the struggles that still exist. Stick around for stories about Coolio, Too Short and muscle funk.

May 29, 2024

Welcome to the Quintana Show. Q has spent years in the political world so he knows how to ask questions. Listen as we bring you entertaining and insightful interviews from guests across the sports, music, entertainment, and news world. And we didn’t forget you either true crime fans! Listen and subscribe!

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