For all our newer viewers, we are bringing you a new, faster, punchier, and better-edited cut of an older episode we loved: we call them Quintana Show Remixes! Even if you saw the original, you will want to see this as it’s completely re-structured to assist in the storytelling.

Remix 3: The Batgirl Killer: Pretty Evil One of the most genius individuals Q has ever come across also happens to be a cold-blooded murderer. This is such an amazing story because you witness how despite how smart and organized a person may be – evil is evil. That was the story of Michelle Cummiskey, the Batgirl Killer. Investigating Detective John Cabrera walks us through the crime, his investigation, the needle in a haystack way in which she was caught, and his impressions of her. This is a powerful true crime story as Cabrera shares investigative details that have never been released to the public until now. We chart the tragic course of a young girl’s life on the run. Drugs, parties, and men were her focus and her resource. Until, at only 19, she planned the brutal murder of a man who simply believed she cared for him when she only had eyes for his red Mercedes 450SL…


Apr 18, 2024

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Roger Kibbe – The Very Twisted I-5 Strangler

Roger Kibbe – The Very Twisted I-5 Strangler

Today we bring you the very twisted Roger Kibbe, the I-5 Strangler. What’s interesting here is that there is a very long period of time where Kibbe seems to simply disappear before he reappears with a horrific murderous frenzy. The question for law enforcement has...

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