Part 2 of The Devil Landlord of F Street the Dorothea Puente Story is here! We’ve introduced you to the killer: her past crimes, how she operated and how she pretended to be an upstanding citizen. Now in Part 2 we take you through her downfall and eventual arrest. Learn how a dogged social services worker, looking for a missing homeless man placed in Dorethea’s care became suspicious, which led to a routine check by law enforcement, which led to Dect. Cabrera and a shovel. When an avocado tree root actually turns out to be a human foot, this small time crime gains national traction, especially when Dorethea disappears. Find out how she was caught, who possibly could have helped her and what interrogating her was like on this episode of Politicalish.

June 18, 2024

Welcome to the Quintana Show. Q has spent years in the political world so he knows how to ask questions. Listen as we bring you entertaining and insightful interviews from guests across the sports, music, entertainment, and news world. And we didn’t forget you either true crime fans! Listen and subscribe!

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