In the first of an amazing two parter, we bring back returning champion retired Detective John Cabrera with another fabulous real-life crime story: The Devil Landlord of F Street the Dorothea Puente Story. Part One lays out the life of a stone cold grifter, not the sweet old lady some press later portrayed. We start with Q and the detective ruminating on the number of famous killers and cases in the Sacramento area between 1970 and 1990, to include the Manson family and the Unibomber. Then we dig into the background and early criminal history of Dorthy Gray, aka Dorthea Puente. From her early childhood woes to her first criminal convictions we trace her life as well as we can. She was a pathological liar who told many tales to many people, from small lies about her Spanish ethnicity to dangerous ones about being a trained nurse. This first episode details it all from the man who caught her: prostitution, fraud, her early murders and how she used her ill gotten gains to engratiate herself in Sacramento.

April 18, 2024

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