In this episode of Polticialish we shine a spotlight on the Land Park Massacre, an unsolved, brutal triple homicide of the Jacobs family that disappeared from the news because of the start of the first Gulf War. Q sets up the story with Retired Sacramento Police Detective John Cabrera. First they discuss Dec. Cabrera’s background and how the Golden State Killer changed the way people in Sacramento lived. Then we set up the background for the crime itself by focusing on six “characters,” the neighborhood, victim Mick Jacobs, petty criminal Ricky McCarthy, victims Marcie and Jennifer Jacobs, and the last “character,” a safe of Ricky McCarthy’s that was fatefully at the Jacobs house. Then Dec. Cabrera begins to walk us through the recreation of the crime, why he thinks there were multiple assailants, and why he thinks 9 year old Jennifer Jacobs was tragically killed.

June 23, 2024

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