If you’re a Ukrainian billionaire mining, steel, and banking oligarch who is moving billions from the National bank into your own pockets, what do you do with the dirty dough?? You buy the Cleveland waterfront and dozens of rust belt steel mills to launder the dough!! Outside of the inside-jobbers at the bank, who is gonna help you move the dirty billions? The political and economic leaders of Cleveland, that’s who!!! We welcome the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Sallah who was part of the investigative team on the story Dirty Dollars that blew the lid off this story of greed and corruption. Come for the money laundering, stay for how Rudy Guliani’s shady partners gave Michael a reason to look deeper. The absolute craziest money-laundering story you’ve never heard, the story of the Ukrainian oligarch that ate Cleveland.

June 23, 2024

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